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Cladding Remediation

Speed up cladding remediation and keep an eye on costs

Identify cladding remediation works, assign actions, track progress, close remediation actions, and get assessor sign-off all in one place with Zutec's Cladding Remediation solution.

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Minimise risk, evidence work done, streamline inspection and improve building safety

Law now commits developers to fixing all life-critical fire-safety defects in higher-risk residential (HRRB) buildings in England in order to avoid severe consequences. With Zutec’s comprehensive Cladding Remediation solution you can streamline managing and evidencing remediation compliance, saving time and money while ensuring leaseholder safety.

Ensure cladding remediation compliance

Make sure you document and demonstrate that the right materials are being used at the right time during the entire lifecycle of your built assets.

Zutec allows you to collate and manage as-built information and certification to demonstrate your external wall systems (EWS) are safe and comply with existing and future safety standards, including the Building Safety Act 2022.

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Optimise remediation management with a mobile app

With the Zutec Field app, remediation compliance tasks can be identified, assigned, and tracked swiftly and efficiently.

Using a field app facilitates the accurate tracking of compliance tasks, promotes accountability and reduces the risk of errors associated with manual record-keeping.

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Monitor remediation actions remotely in the cloud

It’s easy to review compliance-related activities and documentation on Zutec Cloud, helping you maintain a comprehensive audit trail for regulatory purposes.

By tracking the status of remediation assessments and work done in a dashboard remotely in the cloud, managers can oversee compliance efforts across multiple locations without the need of being on-site.

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Still Have Questions?

Why do I need to buy software to meet Part Ls requirement? Our site team take photos on their devices already, which we file on SharePoint.
Cladding replacement is a sensitive area for your business, given the sunk cost and potential for reputational damage. With the Zutec Cladding solution, the entire procedure is recorded with an audit trail, providing assurance to your management team and other stakeholders that the tasks are being carried out accurately.
Why can’t I use my existing Quality Management software to capture Cladding Remediation compliance?
Our Cladding Remediation solution is specifically tailored to the requirements of The Building Safety Act 2022. Frequently, the Cladding Remediation programme is undertaken outside of the core construction team. This means those responsible for cladding do not automatically have access to other business systems, and instead need a tailored process to meet their specific needs.
How do I know your template is good enough to meet the requirements?
The Zutec Cladding Remediation solution was designed alongside some of our Housebuilder clients and has been used as evidence to support sign-off of the EWS1 Form. By capturing remediation data securely in the Zutec platform, it is readily available for every 5-year re-assessment and mitigates against the need for further intrusive or destructive surveys.
Can we define our own inspection strategy?
Yes, statutory checklist must be carried out floor-by-floor and elevation-by-elevation to identify remedial works, but the inspection strategy can be customised to suit your processes
Sometimes access to the internet is limited onsite, does Zutec Field work offline?
Yes, Zutec Field is designed to work offline so users can carry out inspections with secure signoffs when the tool is offline and syncs data once the user is back in a Wi-Fi zone or in the office.
Can I add all my subcontractors to the platform, and will that increase my license cost?
Zutec believes in true project collaboration, so you can add users from your subcontractors to suit your process. This is where we suggest our Per Project or Enterprise pricing models which become a more cost-effective approach towards collaboration.
Who can setup users on Zutec?
We give this permission to your nominated super-users as part of System Administration during the implementation process.