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Technical Submittals

Streamline the end-to-end Technical Submittal process

Simplify the process for technical construction submittals with automated log creation, stakeholder notifications, and visibility into the change requests approval process from any device at any time.

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Development of High Rise Buildings under Construction

Manage submittals in one place for a smooth, hassle-free process

Avoid errors and omissions and save time by thoroughly reviewing construction documents to catch mistakes and resolve issues before they escalate. By using Zutec, a comprehensive log of all choices and steps taken during construction can be maintained and accessed, serving as evidence in case of disputes or legal concerns. 

Take control of your processes and decisions

Keep track of the status of all Technical Submittals and maintain a full audit trail of change requests, including key dates, actions, and recipients so you easily designate and track accountability, while driving better project decision-making to ensure on-time delivery of your project.

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Consolidate all your information into one record

A written record of decisions and actions can be taken and stored in Zutec during the construction process, providing an audit trail of information in the event of disputes or legal issues.

Have all your information in one place to never miss details and have evidence of changes and work done.

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Save valuable time

Reduce administrative overheads and paper usage by automating systems, reports and customising workflows, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Opt for digital processes instead of manual methods to keep track of project submittals and change requests.

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Still Have Questions?

What are construction submittals?
Construction submittals are designs, drawings, documents, details of materials, mock-ups, or samples created by the contractor and presented to the owner or architect to get approval. They are used to demonstrate that proposed plans and materials match the details in the construction contract.
Why are construction submittals required?
Well written and documents construction submittals are required to define the project and its goals for everyone on a construction project. Providing details of the project and evidence that the project meets standards and specifications, they can help minimise errors, reduce rework and ensure issues that arise can be resolved quickly. The intention of this process is to ensure a project is delivered to specifications.
What documents are required in construction submittals?
The information presented in a submittal can come in several different forms including but generally include drawings, designs, blueprints, diagrams, schedules, product data, meeting minutes, specifications, materials being used, component information.
What are the steps for construction submittals?
Once submitted a construction submittal usually needs some kind of response such as approval, revision, resubmission, and rejection. Once approved a submittal is releases, for authorised delivery of a project. Tracking this process in one platform like Zutec speeds up the process, meaning contractors can have more control. If handled correctly submittals can be part of the handover and permanent record of a project, which is easier if all documents are in one place.