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Digital Asset Register

Improve asset management and aftercare processes

Streamline maintenance, monitor assets, and adhere to compliance standards with Zutec's digital asset register solution accessible from any internet-enabled device.

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Take a proactive approach to compliance and asset management

Without an accurate asset register, it’s difficult to assess the status, depreciation and value of each asset, as well as retrieve important structural and fire safety information now required under The Building Safety Act. Producing an asset register in the construction phase as a standard handover requirement will provide early visibility of future safety and maintenance requirements of a building.

Take control of your building information from the get-go

It can be challenging to track and manage the various components and systems within a building if you don’t have an asset register.

With Zutec you can avoid inefficiencies by documenting maintenance planning, asset utilisation, and resource allocation, providing forward visibility and facilitating early provision of maintenance contracts.

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Simplify maintenance processes and keep costs down

When asset registers are overlooked, building owners may end up paying more as FM providers may need to conduct a building survey to identify maintenance items.

Zutec takes a proactive approach to eliminate the need for building surveys, delivering crucial information through the asset register in a timely manner and greatly reducing costs.

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Make planning renovations and expansions easy

When planning renovations or expansions, having an asset register is crucial for understanding the existing infrastructure and determining the impact of proposed changes.

By documenting assets in the register, maintenance schedules and procedures can be accurately planned and executed.

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Still Have Questions?

What is an asset register?
An Asset Register includes an itemised list of a building’s elements and components. However, the FM sector requires further information related to on-going inspection, maintenance, cleaning and replacement activities. Most assets are associated with building services installations, such as an item of plant or machinery or a system of connected equipment. The FM team uses the asset register to manage the whole lifecycle of an asset from purchase, through usage and ongoing maintenance through to disposal and replacement.
Why is an asset register produced?
The ongoing operating and maintenance costs of an asset over its lifecycle far outweigh the initial cost of purchase. Therefore, good asset management can significantly reduce expenditure and extend the life of a building’s assets.
Why does my asset register need to be digital?
The UK Construction industry is progressively adopting digital processes that require structured information throughout the life of the project. Going digital is particularly important for higher-rise buildings where under the Building Safety Act 2022, dutyholders are required to keep an up-to-date record of structural and fire safety information online.
I’m happy with a USB stick, why do I need to host it online?
An offline copy is a good back-up option, but tends to be impractical for day-to-day use, as it is not straight forward to circulate information. A USB can get lost, and it is difficult to give multiple users access. Zutec’s Asset Register also comes with troubleshooting and repairs. In case of breakdowns or malfunctions, having an asset register readily available in the O&M manual aids in quickly identifying the affected asset and accessing relevant maintenance or repair procedures.
How does an asset register help my FM provider?
For most FM teams, receiving a structured information set answering the key questions: ‘What is it? Where is it? What do we need to do?’, remains the holy grail, rarely achieved in a standard set of everyday O&Ms. Building owners can incur significant additional costs from FM providers charging to undertake a building survey to identify the items they may have to maintain.