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Zutec for housebuilders

Digitise construction and quality processes

Remove reliance on manual processes and bring structure to your inspections, regulatory and snagging processes to drive efficiencies and reduce human error with NHQB-accredited Construction Management Software for Housebuilders..

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Solutions for housebuilders

Leading Housebuilders big and small trust Zutec's NHQB-accredited quality management solutions

Get complete visibility of information across your developments, plot-to-plot and project-to-project and improve your team's decision-making and evidence of work. One platform can help you organise quality inspections, centralise project management, and streamline construction processes.

Part L Photographic Evidence

Relying just on mobile devices and existing databases can result in your site teams spending too much time trying to understand what needs to be submitted for sign-off and where the gaps are. 

By adopting a dedicated solution with a more effective process, you can scale to capture and submit the thousands of images required for each and every plot and development.

  • Capture photos with or without a data connection
  • Complete BREL compliance records easily from a mobile device
  • Submit a photographic record for inspection in an app

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Quality Assessment Inspections

Replace paper wall charts and ITP submissions with digital solutions that are quicker and easier to use so you can eliminate quality issues as they arise. 

Digitised quality assurance and quality control processes empower site teams to deliver higher standards of work when carrying out inspections, taking photos and signing off on checks in the field, in real time.

  • No more manual paperwork with mobile data capture
  • Maintain compliance with building regulations
  • Submit multi-stakeholder sign-off for inspection in an app

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Snagging & Defect Management

Traditional snagging processes leave too much scope for human error, crossed wires and confusion. By digitising snagging on your projects, you can save vast amounts of time and prevent mistakes, oversights and miscommunication. 

Speed up resolution times, avoid delays and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Boost productivity and collaboration
  • Comply with safety regulations and quality codes
  • Drive better insights and results

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New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) Compliance 

To become a registered housebuilder or developer with the NHQB, you are expected to agree to follow the New Homes Quality Code (The Code).

Being prepared for NHQB Pre-Completion inspections enables you to build right first time and that any snags can be identified at the time of construction and addressed well before a buyer inspection whilst sub-contractors are still onsite.

  • Proactively address compliance for legal assurance
  • Build better customer satisfaction
  • Build success for the long run

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Cladding Remediation 

Law now commits developers to fixing all life-critical fire-safety defects in higher-risk residential (HRRB) buildings in England in order to avoid severe consequences.

With Zutec’s comprehensive Cladding Remediation solution you can streamline managing and evidencing remediation compliance, saving time and money while ensuring leaseholder safety.

  • Ensure cladding remediation compliance
  • Optimise remediation management with a mobile app
  • Monitor remediation actions remotely in the cloud

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Still Have Questions?

Do you regularly work with housebuilders?
With 20% of the tier one housebuilders as customers, and a majority of tier 2s and 3s, we regularly work with housebuilders and understand your pains and challenges. Providing dedicated solutions from Part L Photographic Evidence, quality assurance inspections to snagging and defect management, we can work with you to digitise and add structure to your quality processes.
As and NHQB accredited supplier, what does this really mean?
As a recognised NHQB supplier, Zutec offers a streamlined approach to NHQB inspections. This involves digitising forms and checklists to ensure accuracy and adherence to the New Home Quality Code. Housebuilders and developers can now maintain an integrated log of inspections, offer visibility to stakeholders, and facilitate timely resolution of any issues and incomplete items by utilising one centralised cloud repository for storing information, along with dashboards for reporting and analytics. This capability ensures they consistently deliver the highest quality to every new home and prevent costly aftercare call backs.
What is Zutec Quality Management used for? 
Zutec Quality Management consolidates all your quality control process in a flexible way, tailored to the sector on a single platform, eliminating the need for manual processes. Zutec Quality Management is your one-stop-shop for Part L Photographic Evidence, QA Inspections, Snagging & Defect Management, Health & Safety Forms, Cladding Remediation, and New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) Compliance.   
Who should use Zutec Quality Management? 
Zutec Quality Management is built for housebuilders, developers, contractors, and asset owners alike. 
Why do I need software to manage my Quality Management? 
In order to avoid potential setbacks in completing units, our customers have made it a top priority to construct and uphold high-quality homes that meet strict regulatory standards.   When information is kept in plot books or disparate systems, information can become siloed causing a lack of visibility across the business. As a result, many have turned to software solutions to effectively manage this process. 
How do I know your templates meet regulatory requirements such as Part L? 
Our templates have been designed alongside some of our Housebuilder clients such as Taylor Wimpey and have been “battle tested” with members of the SAP Assessor community.
How does Zutec Quality Management benefit my business? 
We understand the specific challenges and regulatory landscape in house building, helping you make decisions around how to optimise your platform setup.   Zutec is a fully integrated cloud and field application which gives you the future potential to expand the solution into Document Management, Handover Management and Asset Management within a single environment.   This helps to maximise your investment as it reduces the number of software platforms you need for these processes to just one, making us an ideal partner over the long term as you move forward with your digitisation journey.