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Zutec for Developers

Centralise data in one place for more development control and certainty

Scale developments with one platform for design, construction, handover and compliance for complete visibility for your development data with Zutec's construction management software for Developers.

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Solutions for Developers

Leading developers trust Zutec's one-to-many solutions for development data

Our cloud-based configurable platform makes it easy to see all your development data, collaborate across all your stakeholders, and manage all aspects of your project in one place. Create a golden thread of information to drive better project understanding, ensure regulatory compliance, and mitigate risk for better project outcomes.

Digital Handover

Clients may postpone sign-off if information is missing, poor quality or fails to meet contractual obligations. 

Update outdated processes with a digital platform that promotes effective teamwork among project stakeholders, as a project progresses, so you’re never caught out by missing project documentation or deadlines again.

  • Streamline regulatory compliance and new obligations
  • Save time and free up resource to focus on build quality
  • Improve data quality for a smoother handover

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Common Data Environment (CDE) 

Without a centralised platform to manage all project information, it can be difficult to ensure projects meet design specifications or manage progress reports, quality assurance documentation and digital handover. 

Zutec is simple to use, quick to deploy, and creates a golden thread of information that meets business needs and regulatory requirements.

  • Digitise processes and own your data
  • Mitigate risk with enhanced insight
  • Set up easily using established templates
  • Improve productivity

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Quality Management

Manual processes can result in data inconsistencies and a lack of interoperability and scalability. 

Bring more structure to your quality inspections, centralise project management and streamline construction processes all from one platform so you can quickly address and resolve problems as they occur to ensure your site teams produce top-notch work on their first attempt.

  • Improve productivity for better results from the start
  • Achieve faster project completion while maintaining site safety and build quality
  • Improve project processes and optimise supply chain outcomes

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Gateway 3 Management

Meet specified Gateway 3 requirements with a dedicated solution to support on time project and Building Safety Act information delivery, while mitigating risk that prevent delays, cost overruns, and legal issues. 

Ensure seamless project completion, with Handover and Gateway 3 documentation that fosters positive client relationships and satisfaction.

  • Track information against compliance
  • Hand the right building information over to your client
  • Integrate with the tools you use every day

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Still Have Questions?

What is a CDE? 
A CDE is a Common Data Environment, or cloud-based data repository where information from projects or properties is stored, accessible actionable and auditable. Information can be updated so the latest is always available to those that need it. 
Why would I need a CDE? 
A CDE creates confidence and helps to build trust among the project participants or key stakeholders and captures a complete record of the project or property information with a unique data ownership model that eliminates barriers to collaboration, increasing adoption and data sharing across the entire project team. 
What can a CDE be used for? 
The purpose of a CDE is to standardize the collection and aggregation of data for construction projects or in-use properties. The contents of the CDE can be vast and include any documentation, graphical model and non-graphical assets, O&Ms, Health & Safety File, Fire & Emergency Files, and structural details.  
Will I have visibility over my current project status and information management processes?  
Yes, with custom dashboards and meta-tagging for easy search, information and documents can be found at the touch of a button giving full data visibility. Standards and templates with the CDE, means there is more structure to your process, so everyone is working from the same model. 
Who should use the Zutec CDE? 
Anyone from developers, to contractors, housebuilders, and asset owners.  The Zutec CDE is suitable for everyone across the building lifecycle.  
What is digital handover?  
Digital Handover covers all the information required to manage an asset, and includes but is not limited to, O&M (Operations & Maintenance) Manuals, Health & Safety Files and Fire & Emergency Files (FEF). All this forms the Building Manual and includes contractual requirements like the Health & Safety Files which re required for practical completion (PC).  
What does digital handover achieve?  
By gathering data and building information during construction, and storing as-built records in a single, sharable repository like Zutec’s platform, delays can be avoided at the end of the process when handing over an asset — providing a single source of truth where all data is in one place.