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Gateway 3 Management Booklet

Unlock Gateway 3 Building Safety Act compliance

Gateway 3 compliance for higher-risk residential buildings is made easy with our fully managed solution and dashboard.

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What's inside?

  • How we bring together building information and handover documentation at project completion and handover.
  • How we can help you collate the evidence required to support a Gateway 3 application.
  • How to prepare safety case information and documentation that demonstrates a building is safe and meets all the relevant safety standards.
  • How our dedicated Gateway 3 and Golden Thread templates align with Building Safety Act requirements.
  • How to identify data gaps and manage risks on a project.
  • How to support registration of Higher-risk Residential Buildings (HRRBs).
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Three construction workers with hard caps on construction site of high-rise building development

More about this booklet

We know that handing over and receiving construction information has got a lot harder in light of the Building Safety Act.

Whether information is stored on a CDE, SharePoint or on paper or hard copies, there’s a good chance information is stored all over the place and much of it is missing.

It’s not enough to share box files or USBs anymore. You need to support the submission of all as-built drawings of a building, key building information, as well as a safety case report. All this must be digital for a building to be registered and a Completion Certificate signed off.

That’s why Zutec collate all your O&M manuals, fire and safety files, key building information, as well as safety case documentation so you don’t have to.

Read the booklet and remove the pain from handovers, completions, and compliance.

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Everything you need to verify and demonstrate compliance with the Building Safety Act

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