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Information Management for Asset Owners

Depend on good quality, connected and trusted information

Define, manage and deliver high-quality digital information to facilitate better outcomes across the building life cycle with information management for asset owners so you can depend on good quality, connected and trusted data.

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All the information you need to maintain your building

Without robust information management, it’s difficult to ensure that assets are designed, built, operated and maintained effectively. At Zutec, we provide a holistic approach to managing information to help you achieve better outcomes throughout the lifecycle of your built asset.

Choose the right designers and contractors

A strategic investment in data governance, technology infrastructure, and organisational processes is essential for achieving peak performance and informed decision-making for your asset.

To make informed procurement decisions, we'll help you determine how information flows between departments, how governance is handled, and what information is needed.

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Create a golden thread of information to ensure compliance

In order to comply with the Building Safety Act and ISO 19650 standards, Asset Owners must have an easily accessible and reliable golden thread of information.

Create a framework of activities in line with standards and legislation to manage information exchanges to plan, while creating and maintaining information models across the whole life of an asset.

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Unlock the right information at the right time with joined up thinking

Everyone has a role in good information management. It’s critical that the right information is specified, delivered, and utilised from the design all the way to the operational phases of assets.

Set out information requirements right from the start to improve the direct connection between information requirements and the information delivered by suppliers.

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Still Have Questions?

What is good information management?
Information should be regarded as an asset in its own right. Managed correctly, it can provide great value to organisations. Information management needs to start within an organisation, looking at how information disseminates across departments, how governance is addressed, what information is required and how information is stored and retrieved.
What are the frequency of Zutec’s audit cycles?
A full audit consists of 10 cycles, typically split between RIBA stage commencement and Information Exchange dates. For clash cycles, we believe 3-4 weeks between works best (week: 1 analysis/ reporting, week 2: Clash workshop with design team, Week 3-4: Task team resolution period).
How do I get access to Zutec’s Information Management (IM) resources?
As part of our IM process, we will create a project directory, which also acts as a COBie contact sheet. We will by default add the contacts provided to us by the client/ contractor at the outset. Anybody else wishing to be granted access should email us directly and will be sent a contact collection form (digitally). Once completed, access will be provided to our Information Hub, where all IM resources are kept.
Does Zutec follow BS EN ISO 19650 standards in relation to Information Management services?
Yes, all our Information Management processes align to BS EN ISO 19650.
What file formats do you use for auditing purposes?
We utilise IFC-SPF files in line with our OpenBIM approach to Information Management.
Does Zutec consider bespoke Information Management client requests?
Yes, we would generally try to align any additional properties with the appropriate IFC Schema.